A Lot Like Mike - FULL SERIES

A Lot Like Mike - FULL SERIES

6 Seasons

Be assured that rich discussions ensue as a result of this five part series which follows the ups and downs of four leaders: Mike, Monica, Sue and Amir. Throughout this series the learner will experience the key concepts of creating TRUST, being RESILIENT, ADAPTING through uncertainty, making DECISIONS, and being STRATEGIC.

You have all the elements you need for over 25 weeks of Leadership Development content so that your leaders will learn, grow, and apply these life changing skills needed in the workplace today! Or you can simply try one season at a time.

Each episode is around five minutes each.

SYNOPSIS: Seasoned leader Mike is at the helm of Operations for a cutting-edge manufacturing company. He must rely on his unconventional trio of executives: a brilliant strategist, a tech prodigy, and a feisty performer—to navigate the challenges of corporate growth, ethical dilemmas, and personal conflicts.

Just like in the real world, things get messy.

Witness the team facing personal and professional challenges as they tackle the modern-day complexities of life and work. Mike and his team’s leadership is put to the ultimate test, forging an unbreakable bond among the diverse leaders. In a world of innovation and fast-paced change, this team must redefine leadership, pushing the boundaries of collaboration to secure the future of their company and for themselves.

A Lot Like Mike - FULL SERIES